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The Massasauga Search and Rescue Team (MSART) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides skilled Field personnel and SAR Management capabilities to assist public safety agencies in searches for lost or missing persons in wilderness, urban and water settings.



P.O. BOX 24751, Rochester, NY 14624

Team Capabilities

The Team is capable of assisting with and conducting search operations in any type of terrain or weather. Team members are trained in and regularly practice search techniques, clue awareness, crime-scene preservation, search crew leadership, land navigation, wilderness navigation, and survival techniques.  

Our specific capabilities include:

  • Field Personnel: All team members are trained as grid searchers. Most members have completed the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Basic Wildlands Search and Rescue training course. Many members have also completed the NYS DEC Crew Boss Course (Searcher 1) and are trained to lead inexperienced volunteers in the field. Individual members possess advanced man-tracking skills.
  • SAR Management: MSART maintains a command post trailer that is equipped with FM communications, laptop and printer/scanner, topographical maps of New York State and other support items required to efficiently manage a search event. Individual members have taken advanced Land Search Management courses as well as Lost Person Behavior classes to aid in search planning and operations.
  • K9 Units: MSART maintains multiple dog units that are search ready and has several more in training. The K9 units use air scent methods and are capable of operation in land, water, snow burial, cadaver, and building search scenarios. These units conduct regular training sessions to develop and maintain their readiness.
  • Water Search: MSART maintains the personnel and equipment necessary to conduct safe, efficient search operations for drowned, submerged subjects in river or lake environments. Individual members have Swiftwater Operations training.


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